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Drummer/Producer/Songwriter from Bristol, UK.


A textured blend of trip hop inspired indie pop, driven by quirky retro funk beats.


Filtered drum grooves, wobbly synth pads and deep punchy bass lines form the bed for many of my tracks.  Much of what I write is inspired by bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Zero 7 & other classic triphop bands. 

But my music can have a pop edge with influences like Tame Impala, London Grammar, Bjork, Morcheeba, Lamb... 

Having played drums in lots of bands around the Bristol scene, I started recording local bands and I have recorded and produced many local south west bands.


In 2019 I started to get more interested in writing my own music, and and started releasing my own tracks.   I love collaborating with other artists, and I am always looking for interesting projects :-)

Releases to date...



Feb - "Your Eyes", a triphop influenced IndiePop debut. 

Nov - "Glory in Numbers" an album which continues in the triphop vein and features a number of local vocalists including Tammy Roylance and Ellena Grace



Feb - "Changing" a song that highlights the impending Climate Crisis. This song helped raise money for a tree planting campaign in Uganda. It features the beautiful vocals of Jodie Mellor a local Bristol artist.


July - "See It Through' a collaboration with the amazing Frannie B.  This is a more Pop influenced EP with lots of groove :-)

Sept - "Tragic" a song about Women’s Rights, this track features the amazing vocals of Tammy Roylance.


Nov - "Lose Control"  inspired by a DJ Food track called 'Dark Lady'. Dark and pumping :-)


Feb -  "Darkest Hour"  a haunting ode to the people of Aghanistan in their Darkest Hour. It features the amazing vocals of 'glasscat'.

May - "Despots Dream" a gritty narrative about Putin's dream to overrun Ukraine, and steal their oil. This track features the brilliant haunting vocals of Maria Milewska another local Bristol artist.

July - "Hurt Like Hell" a track about a relationship in disarray. This track was written with Tammy Roylance and features her amazing vocals.

Oct - "Sacrifice You Make" a track about the sacrifices people make when they dedicate their lives to others.  Features the amazing vocals of  "Frannie B"  


Mar -  "Hello" a glitchy beat drives this downtempo banger.  Features the amazing vocals of 'glasscat'.

Sept - "Stolen" a funky retro beat...  a rather downbeat song about the loss of someone's life long love.

Nov - "Unnatural Selection" a song about the dangers of AI.  Written with ChatGPT :-)


Feb - "Key to Love"  a song about keys and love ;-) funky glitchy beat and wobbly pads. 



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CLASH   - "‘Hello’ reaches into the underworld of xskarma’s sound, a track that embraces its subdued grandeur from start to finish. Inviting the crystalline vocals of glasscat, the two combine to tackle the uncertainty of romance and relationships across hypnotic drum patterns and swaying guitar strums."


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