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"Unnatural Selection"

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This is a track about the dangers of AI and what happens if machines achieve true Artificial General Intelligence.


I was intrigued to study the current state of the art in AI for music making.  So I started using a few of these engines. 

The track started with a drum groove that I had been playing around with for a while, and I then built the basic track around that.   So the track production process and the vibe is totally human made :-)


I then started thinking about a subject and lyrics, and I asked ChatGPT to write me some lyrics about the potential dangers of General Artificial Intelligence.   I was intrigued to see what it would come up with...   BANG!  I was frankly amazed how evocative the lyrics were and how clearly is lays out the dangers.  


I took the ChatGPT lyrics and edited them to shorten the narrative and focus on the key hook, and I also felt that it needed to be in the first person, so it is basically sung from the perspective of the machine.   I initially sang the whole track to get a feel for how it might sound and to work on the melody, and the harmonies etc..   

I then started playing with a few different AI vocal engines to see what might be possible.  My very good friend Nigel Butler recommended Sythesizer V as one of the best engines out there.  So Nigel kindly then used Synthesizer V to create the female vocals for the Chorus.  I then found another engine that did a passable emulation of Hal from  2001 a Space Odyssey and so I used this to speak the verse vocals.   et voila...  :-)


 The core hook of “AI is a ticking timebomb” came straight from ChatGPT, and as such this is a chilling warning voiced by ChatGPT itself 🙂

Please do check out Synthesizer V

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